• Tired of just being a number and not being able to get ahead?

  • Frustrated with dealing with a different person each time you contact the bank?

  • Seriously it's not hard to switch banks. There are often good financial reasons to do so and well honestly tell you if moving is the right option or not!

  • Find out how to change quickly and easily without hassle.

There are two ways of looking at this — stay with your bank and put up with compacencys or look elsewhere to gain freedom and often more money in your pocket. We deal with banks that can offer no fees and loads of support. It seems every time you do stuff with the bank; a different person is looking after you. It can be frustrating repeating your story. At PFG, our people don't change and neither does your story with us. It's worth checking out!


“The team at PFG are significantly better than the bank. They were more personal and remembered me and my situation every time I called them.

Anita Brown

PFG listened to our requirements, looked at strategic options and I felt valued and received great service. Thanks PFG Team.

Stephen Flint

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