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Introducing...our first client profile — inspirational people to know within our community

Kent & Jodie Blackbourn

Through chiropractic care & their friendly staff, they provide exceptional client-centred information options. So if you have any health problems (not just a back issue), contact Kent & Jodie’s chiropractic business in either Papakura or Pukekohe.

About Kent

At PFG, Kent is known as a human dynamo. We enjoy catching up with Kent who practically runs into our office exuding energy & enthusiasm! He recently completed the Coast to Coast Multisport race over two days.

“Coast to Coast was one of my more recent goals. The power of being specific in your goal & flexible about the methods has been a great lesson over the past 12 months. My goal was to finish well & enjoy the event. With no prior experience in these races & not having run for 25 years or paddled a kayak for 20 years, there was more than a fair amount of trepidation in the beginning. Aren’t deadlines great?! So after enlisting a coach, gaining advice & purchasing the right equipment, my job was to get up each day & do the work. 12 months later & approximately 700 hours of running, paddling & cycling, I was running across the spine of NZ & paddling down a wonderful river enjoying parts of the country that many may never see. The race result was 14 hours & 19 minutes – good enough for 16th overall & 2nd in the “Classics Division”. Slotted around my spare time I try to help the profession by teaching at the NZ Chiropractic College part-time & helping on various committees in the chiropractic association as a past president”.

About Jodie

Jodie has been a practising chiropractor for the past 23 years. Together with running a private practice, she teaches at the NZ Chiropractic College & has had numerous roles with the NZ Chiropractic Board & Chiropractors Association & is active in the local Business & Professional Women’s Association. She has played state level netball in Australia & counties level in England. Jodie is a busy mum to her & Kent’s two teenage boys & is a keen sportswoman still enjoying netball, cycling & gym workouts.

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