Tiles go down in house next week, insulation gets completed today, spa pool gets delivered and installed next Wednesday, filed for building consent extension, which has been processed. Oh and I bought a boat...1st time out caught a 52cm snapper….. And all thanks to your team's great efforts!"

Paul Harrod

PFG listened to our requirements, looked at strategic options and I felt valued and received great service. Thanks PFG Team.”

Stephen Flint

Thanks to Neil at PFG, in 9 years I’ve been able me to convert my small deposit into a large lump sum that has enabled me to move to the Coromandel mortgage-free.”

John Kelly



  • Credit card, store card, personal loans, mortgage loans, etc, can cost you a fortune if not structured right.

  • If you are finding it difficult to track and manage a variety of different loans, credit cards, store cards and personal loans, perhaps it's time to consider consolidating them into one easily managed loan tailor-made for you to optimise your available income.

  • Less passwords, less clutter and more control!

Quite often we live our lives on autopilot and think we are doing the right thing. It's not till you start talking to other people, that you realise that there is a better way. Is your credit card strangling you and costing you mega-dollars — come and chat to us and learn how you can save those well–earned dollars and make them work for you.


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