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Recalibrate your Life & Financial aspirations! Bubbles turns pipe dreams into reality!

Introducing the Bubbles Programme

Why Bubbles? It's a simple to follow, unique approach to solving complex life and financial decisions!

We understand the importance of having a trusted advisor to consult with when making significant life decisions that impact your financial situation. Our guidance boosts your confidence, instills a sense of accountability, curbs procrastination and drives you toward greater success.

Since 2006, we've employed Neil's innovative system, aptly named "The Bubbles," to assist our clients with recalibration of their life and financial aspirations.

Clients who embark on this journey find themselves revitalized, embracing Neil's concept of "limited time, limited money." Neil personally embraces and lives by "the Bubbles" philosophy, practicing what he teaches so he's talking from an academic and practical perspective.

Our approach hinges on a personalized framework that formulates a life strategy tailored to your financial situation and stage of life. It'll give you greater command over your life's direction regardless of your age. But before delving into the specifics, we explore the profound question: Why do you desire what you desire?

It's not uncommon for individuals to pursue goals influenced by societies pressures , rather than genuine personal aspirations. Throughout life, we've discovered that most people make plans and sacrifice to reach goals set, only to find themselves dissatisfied and unfulfilled upon achievement.

Our framework begins by delving deeper into your true desires, fostering honesty, individually and if applicable, as a couple. Financial security holds distinct definitions for everyone.

We initially emphasize the softer, foundational aspects because, fundamentally, it's not just about money. However, understanding how to use money as a tool undeniably eases life's journey.


While we excel in this area of guidance, we prioritize addressing the core of your aspirations. Only then can we genuinely comprehend your goals and tailor a customized strategy to help you attain them. You may already be closer to your objectives than you realize, and if so, we can provide the assurance that you're in a favorable position. Our mission is to assist you in effectively managing your life goals and check your finances are in check to assist, so you can live the lifestyle you want and have increased financial confidence as you age.

Our unique system combines expert advice and lifestyle solutions, aligning your priorities in the correct sequence. It empowers you to make informed decisions about your life and finances, enabling you to approach life strategically and in a more business-like manner. All of this is achieved with unwavering support from Neil, your trusted Bubblist.


Neil does not offer advice on investments such as deposits,  government stock, investments, managed funds, etc... if these are sought by you as part of your financial strategy, he'll refer you to a trusted colleague who specializes in them. Neil is unashamedly focused on using property investment and associated funding as a mechanism to achieve greater wealth and will happily guide you in that specific area.

Home Loan & Insurance Advice

Don't make excuses for why you can't get it done. Focus on all the reasons why you must make it happen!

Contact us for further information or to book your first workshop with us.

What our Bubbles clients say...

We highly recommend The Bubbles Programme as it has enabled us as a couple & individually to prioritise where we want to be in the next few years.


With Bubbles there’s no idle speculation – you focus on outcomes and how to achieve them practically.  The decision making is in your own hands.  Neil’s programme, in effect, facilitates that decision making process.  It cuts to the chase and enables you to really focus on what’s important to you – whether it’s something as simple as ‘can I afford that new whatever’ or ‘when can I afford to cut back on work and increase my leisure time?’ The programme's follow through process has enabled us to check our progress or amend our plan if our circumstances change and best of all, keeps us on track to achieving things.

 Jim and Susan V.

I just wanted to say thanks for helping my parents out recently with The Bubbles Programme.  It was a great learning experience for us all to see you lead them through their financial concerns and show them they can live comfortably into their retirement and still achieve their dreams. 


I am pleased that Mum & Dad have gained a fresh perspective on life and what retirement really means to them.  They’re presently researching how extensive their Italian trip is going to be next August when Dad retires, and Dad is getting excited about buying his first brand new car.


My sister and I are truly grateful for this as we’ve been trying to get them to focus on looking after themselves, rather than leaving us a nest egg.  It’s taken your programme to actually get their buy-in to the idea that enjoying their later years is not a bad thing.  We both feel that as a direct result of The Bubbles Programme, Mum and Dad have both lost a lot of their worry around financial matters and have more certainty around Dad’s planned retirement. This wouldn’t have happened without the Bubbles perspective on the bigger picture.  

 Carl S.

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