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 About Us

PFG, a family-owned business established in May 2002, traces its origins back to our founder Neil's departure from an executive senior management role at BNZ. Recognizing the need for personalized, high-quality, and easily understood financial advice, Neil embarked on a journey to fill this void in the market.


At PFG, we foster a professional environment, often leveraging a big whiteboard during client meetings held either at our office or through online platforms. Our unique workshop-style approach prioritizes not only securing favorable financial deals, but also enhancing client financial literacy and awareness.

Backed by over 40 years of collective financial services experience, we possess the expertise to help you make informed decisions and unlock substantial savings. Our commitment lies in providing friendly, straightforward, and actionable advice, all conveyed in plain English to ensure clarity.

We offer more than just competitive cash contributions and interest rates – we offer a pathway to financial empowerment and success."


We’re always up skilling

We are committed to continuous improvement and ongoing learning. Our close-knit, supportive team environment fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing, ensuring that our clients' always receive the best advice. While we bring experience to the table, we never stop striving for better. Our culture revolves around investing in relevant education and training to keep us well-prepared to assist you now and in the future.


We’re focused on helping clients understand that it’s not all about the money - introducing The Bubbles Programme


Our mission goes beyond finances; we introduced The Bubbles Programme in 2006. Neil developed this revolutionary workshop and course designed to help individuals gain clarity about money's true role in their lives. By emphasizing simple yet effective strategies, we empower our clients to build stable relationships and set clear life and lifestyle goals, fostering a profound sense of purpose, accomplishment, and emotional stability. This workshop has already transformed the lives of over 200 couples and individuals who were once caught in a cycle of pursuing purely materialistic objectives without understanding the 'Why" or the importance of correct sequencing to get the most out of life!

Our Team

Home Loan & Insurance Advice


Director & Financial Adviser (FSP 86421)


Neil established PFG in 2002, leaving an Executive Senior Management role at BNZ to pursue his true calling: directly helping people. With an extensive 18-year career spanning New Zealand and the UK, he brings a wealth of experience.

Neil is known for his direct, entrepreneurial style and a unique ability to merge strategic business skills with personal guidance. He thrives on connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds who are motivated to progress. Neil excels in simplifying complex concepts into plain language and adopts a hands-on, practical approach that resonates with his clients. He keeps them motivated and confident, guiding them to achieve their goals systematically.

He lives in East Auckland with his wife, Fiona, and they have three adult sons. When not at PFG, Neil enjoys fishing and indulges in car-related ventures through his other business, Supercars of NZ Limited, organizing track driver training and related events for his private drivers club.


E:        P: 021 667 878 or 09 919 3463

Ant website profile photo Apr 2024.jpg


Financial Adviser (FSP 755611)


Anthony joined PFG initially in 2018 due to his strong interest in finance and helping people.  He took up a full time position in 2020 and is a qualified financial adviser specializing in home loans and personal insurance.

Anthony believes the most rewarding part of his job is seeing a smile on each client's face after he's helped them successfully buy a home or investment property! He takes pride in forming solid and ongoing relationships with each client, ensuring their needs are met today plus he loves to guide them into a secure financial future.

When not in the office, he loves to head to the gym, watch movies and reads articles about business, personal finance and emerging technology specific to the finance sector.


E:        P:  021 038 9279 or 09 919 3460

Home Loan & Insurance Advice


Administration & Compliance Manager


Fiona has been part of PFG since its inception & is responsible for all admin, accounts and compliance matters. She also looks after our social media, client newsletters and keeping our clients happy.


E:        P:  021 184 7559

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