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   Business Loans

Helping make your business roar!

Our aim is to be a long-term partner in the success and growth of your business. 


Plant and capital equipment purchases can be a financial strain, but sometimes it’s essential to either replace or buy new equipment to operate and grow your business.

Home Loan & Insurance Advice

Often you need a quick decision from your lender, but are unable to comply with all of the requirements, which may include your financial accounts being completed or additional security over say your home, which you are unable or reluctant to provide.


We offer competitive rates and can assist with new plant or equipment purchases, refinancing or consolidation of debts, raising money against existing assets to free up cash flow and working capital.


  • Achieve better cash flow to increase your business opportunities

  • Obtain plant and equipment finance

  • Get company vehicle finance

  • Consolidate debt and get competitive rates

  • Find out better ways of structuring your overdraft

  • Do things the right way with someone that really understands how your business ticks

Home Loan & Insurance Advice
Business Consultancy

We review your current situation and help you in making those important decisions. We provide business consultancy to look at the funding of your business for growth, and a security structure that you are comfortable with. Cash flow is a key ingredient for your business, and we will assist you to grow the business through the acquisition of funding using the banks money.

Home Loan & Insurance Advice
Self Employed

For many self–employed people their business is as much about lifestyle as it is about achieving financial goals. For this reason your income only tells part of the story and the process of producing up to date Financial Statements is often onerous and expensive. 


We help you every step of the way to make informed decisions and not get side-tracked by all the detail. 

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