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  • Are you contemplating selling your current home for an upgrade or planning a renovation?

  • Questions may arise: Should you sell before buying or vice versa? Is renovating your existing home cost-effective? What's the deal with bridging loans? What are the associated costs and is it a wise decision? Is it time to consider changing banks? And, ultimately, can you financially manage the transition?

  • Rest assured, we're here to assist you in evaluating and addressing all of these considerations. Our aim is to provide you with competitive loan options to facilitate your decision-making process."

Whether you're moving up to a larger space or downsizing to something cozier, we're here to ensure your transition goes smoothly. Juggling both buying and selling simultaneously can be challenging, but timing is key. We specialize in making the entire process seamless, providing the right strategy, and managing most aspects of the transition. This way, you can focus on the essentials, like booking your moving company.


PFG listened to our requirements, looked at strategic options and I felt valued and received great service. Thanks PFG Team.

Stephen Flint

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