13 Nov 2018

Professional Group is supporting Mission Nutrition! You can drop off any cans of food to our office at Half Moon Bay Marina. We'll pass them on to the Mercy Missions Trust, which provides food parcels, clothing & household goods to people in need throughout the South A...

11 Oct 2018

Start 2019 off with a BIG splash!

We’re offering all clients and referrers the chance to win a day fishing the beautiful Hauraki Gulf, with Neil & our client, All Black star, Brodie Retallick! Yes that’s right – the BIG guy!*

We appreciate that experiences like this are...

11 Dec 2017

The team at Sovereign has provided some interesting insights into insurance claims over the past year. We think it’s much more than just an interesting read, it’s a good reminder about the need to protect yourself and your family against the financial impacts of death,...

11 Dec 2017

With the recent release of Auckland Council’s 2017 Capital Valuation (CV) figures property values have been a hot topic of conversation. Most Auckland home owners will have been happy to have seen an increase in their property CV, but what does it actually mean?

10 Aug 2017

These days if you’re buying a home in your twenties chances are you’ll be smugly feeling like you’re winning in life. But beware, there are a few mistakes young home buyers need to watch out for.

Lessons learned: where some young first home buyers went wrong

Your emotion...

30 May 2017

We all know what a bank is – a bank is a bank. A bank is not an insurer.

So why it that more and more banks are offering life insurance cover & why should you think twice before you sign a policy?

With bank-based life insurance, more often than not all you need to do...

30 May 2017

#1 Not getting a written loan approval before making an unconditional offer. If you’re unable to organise this, please avoid a costly headache by inserting a “subject to finance” clause.

#2 Not having your solicitor check the sale & purchase agreement, or at the very...

28 Feb 2017

Sovereign announces health insurance enhancements

Ongoing medical advancements are creating the need for health insurance products to evolve to ensure New Zealanders benefit from the improvements. In response to medical advancements, Sovereign has announced a number of...

9 Aug 2016

Kent & Jodie Blackbourn

Through chiropractic care & their friendly staff, they provide exceptional client-centred information options. So if you have any health problems (not just a back issue), contact Kent & Jodie’s chiropractic business in either Papakura or Pukekohe...

5 Jul 2016

While there’ll always be a place for the pristine minimalist look of white walls, is it time you crossed to the dark side?

During these colder months, homewares stores are full of fluffy woollen throws, fleecy blankets & quilts & cushions in sumptuous velvet. They’re in...

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