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Decorating on the Dark Side

While there’ll always be a place for the pristine minimalist look of white walls, is it time you crossed to the dark side?

During these colder months, homewares stores are full of fluffy woollen throws, fleecy blankets & quilts & cushions in sumptuous velvet. They’re in beautiful shades of teal, emerald, mustard & purple. Why not experiment with these same jewel tones, or the beautiful moody blues, greens & greys that are readily available at the paint shops? Go all out, ditch the feature wall & paint ALL the walls!

Take a look at the website of Abigail Ahern ( who says “I’m obsessed and passionate about dark colours and will forever continue to be obsessed and passionate about them. It’s not just an interiors thing or even about the colours I gravitate towards – it’s about being brave and bold, staying true to yourself and not just following the crowd”. Abigail’s site has gorgeous examples of full-on moody colour & she debunks some of the myths about using dark hues in our surroundings.

Dark colours make us feel cocooned & enveloped. They add drama & sophistication to any room in the house. Houseplants look fabulous against darker walls, & using metallic accessories will add to the sense of luxury.

Painting is a relatively economical way to change the look of a room but don’t feel you have to repaint when the weather warms up. Colours are not seasonal – if you truly love a colour, you won’t stop loving it once it’s Summer!

So, is it time you crossed to the dark side?

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